The above is an assemblage of five photos moving from the East on the Left, to the West on the Right... looking up to the falls. This is the place where the love of my life, Barbara, and I fell in love in 1969. There is a little campground on the lake with access by a very primitive road down from the highway. Watching a full moon rise over the snowcapped mountains across the lake... above the reflections of your campfire in the water... will surely put you in a romantic mood.
Will Murray

Somewhere in time, we met on timeless hills...
and in the evening midst we kissed, and time stood still;
Before the dawn, we found forever...
moments are timeless when I feel your caress;
Love never goes...once it has touched your heart...
just like a scent of wine that's left as two lips part;
A taste of love will linger after...
I'll find the meaning now in all that I see;
You're always here inside of me, and
I know when love is true, it's always with you;
Somewhere in time, I came to realize
Love Never Goes.

        This shot was taken from the trail on the way down to the falls. Don't hike this trail at night without a flashlight or you will walk off the cliff here!         From near the pool at the base of the falls looking back down the trail to the lake. The Falls creates its' own little rain forest. In the Fall red fish swim up to spawn in the pool.
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