Who we are -- The Northwest Photographic Society is composed of a group of friends who share a passion for photography
What we do -- That passion involves all types of photography including Prints, Slides, Digital, Fine Art, Video, and Photojournalism. We meet monthly to share our photographic work and to exchange thoughts, ideas and information. We also arrange field trips to provide photo-shoot opportunities

What is our organization? -- We do not have officers or dues. Each monthly meeting is led by a different individual. Membership consists of simply being on our list of phone numbers and email addresses. (which we do not share) Members will be contacted monthly by email to inform them as to meetings and/or events. Due to limited space and time at our meetings, this membership is by invitation only.

Where and When do we meet? -- We meet in the new Village Community Building at Riverview Retirement Community 1801 E. Upriver Drive, Spokane, Washington. This facility includes a big flat screen TV and internet access. See the map on the next page to locate the Community Room, which is just North of E. North Crescent Ave, (about one full block North of E. Upriver Drive). Meeting are on the Fourth Thursday of each month, (except November and December meetings will be on the Third Thursday).

The meeting begins at 7:00 pm. If the gate is closed, try the next entry to the West which will be open.

Bring your prints, digital images on a thumb drive, video clips, or whatever you would like to share with the group. Most likely you will have about 5 minutes to share your work with the group.

For more information call 509-838-1916

Below are three 55 minute videos produced by PBS, entitled AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY Parts 1, 2, & 3
If you have never seen these shows, it would be well worth your time to schedule the time to view them all.