Hello, I'm Lucy, I'm sure you remember us --
Characters created by Schulz,

Snoopy flew the Sopwith Camel while atop his doghouse --
Chased the cruel Red Baron and stirred the pulse

Of millions of readers with each episode --
The one most loved was you, Charlie Brown,

You always tried to kick that pigskin football --
I'd pull it back and you would fall down,

You felt so embarrassed in front of Linus and Pigpen --
We wished that Schulz would have a heart,

Even though you will never see the Great Pumpkin,
In every reader's life you had a part,

Now we, like Mr. S., have bowed out into oblivion,
Which is worse, the strip ending or him dying?

Some unknown, unrecognized, substitute cartoonist
Can't do us justice -- even heroically trying,

Let's have one more kick before we all start to cry,
You can do it -- I'll hold it on the ground,

Trust me, remember, "Psychiatric help ten cents,"
You're a good man, Charlie Brown.

                                      by D. Edgar Murray 02/15/2000.