I was built in nineteen fifty-four
In Ford Royal Blue,

A non-human movie star
In a luscious metallic hue,

Created with every option --
First year of OHV engines,

My roof was possibly meant for serving
Moonlight courtship intentions,

I starred a lot in the fifties,
Then my fabric began to unravel,

Acquired by John E. Atkinson,
A man with a passion for travel,

Somewhere young John located a package
For dealers to use in unveiling

The V-8 OHV power plant,
With it as his trademark left trailing

Any without a glass-topped hood,
A light bar and chrome just for show,

It made John A. so famous that auto
Buffs stared wherever we'd go,

He started by setting his sights on obtaining
His CPA papers, but then,

As his ideas got bigger -- he'd no head for figures --
A thirst for the good life crept in,

Cool John liked a party, an occasional wife,
But a loan shark is not very jolly,

His escapades many, he continued to drive me,
The FBI followed his folly,

He had no legal income in
Several years, the IRS found,

No taxes he'd paid, his businesses phony,
Spread century notes all around,

They got him for bank fraud, money laundering
And bilking his mother, I think,

He won't get a chance to drive me again --
I'm a museum piece, he's in the clink.

by D. Edgar Murray.