I enter your domain and within fifteen minutes
You find my soft, cat-hairless lap,

You seem to prefer purring to any
Other pastime -- except maybe a nap,

I suspect that among the three in your household
You are the most-favored pet,

Fluff Cat and Ghost are not much competition
For one like you -- as Hawaiian as she can get,

You have the sharpest, talon-like claws --
Only eagles from on high have the same,

How fitting that your adoptive, surrogate parents
Chose to give you an islander's name,

They tell me that you came out to greet my family
On the big island of Hawaii,

So endearing were your charms that my brother and his spouse
Nearly thought of homesteading on Maui,

Now you're firmly ensconced in Will and Barbara's home
At ten-four West Twenty-third,

If Ghost and Fluff Cat try to bargain for your favor,
Use your left forepaw and give them a bird.

                                             by D. Edgar Murray 04/23/2000.