I'm one of the wonders of the world --
A bridge called "The Golden Gate,"

Many a prisoner has wanted to tread me,
And that many have longed to escape,

It's a pity that any were killed while building me --
Since they were, they must all be in Heaven,

The first of my joyful pedestrian crossers
Set foot on me in thirty-seven,

I rank with sophisticated, elitist company
Such as Cheops, Stonehenge and Babylon,

I knew a cell-bound, solitary man named Stroud --
He loved caged birds and he too was one,

Just as we -- firmly anchored -- deep roots in California,
St. Peter's stands transfixed in Rome,

I'll watch the Golden Gate, just as Robert watched his flock,
Forever know that "The Rock" is our home.

by D. Edgar Murray 02/26/2000.