It's a warm Chinook wind that blows everybody good
By melting snow and ice,

My Dad always said, "When it starts Chinookin'
The weather will soon be nice,"

Oh, Lord how I miss him -- that father of mine,
Who seemed so small-town and naïve,

How I cried when he left us -- nearly heartbroken,
Dear God, give me strength to believe,

I know he had something I can't live without --
Day-to-day faith and trust,

The giver of fortune gave him good fortune --
He lived his whole life just for us,

There's a longing to see him again -- maybe next time
I walk down the road seldom traveled,

The threads of my dust-ridden, earthly, dull garment
Will one day be golden, unraveled.

by D. Edgar Murray 03/03/2000.