My grandma had children -- they numbered seven --
Four uncles and their sisters three,

I'll tell you of the gentlemen some other time --
This writing is for the daughters that came to be

The subjects of lifelong family ties --
We welcomed visits -- enjoyed seeing them again,

It's a shame that the last one has found her sweet rest --
Only photos still remain of 'way back then,

The trio had grown-up offspring of their own --
Eva six, Ida six, too and Erie three,

Of course, those ladies -- my father's sisters --
Were dear aunts to their nephew, me,

I won't eulogize too long, I promise,
But, "par excellence" described their culinary profession,

Pumpkin, huckleberry and other fine pies would result
From a busman's holiday session,

The Knobby Inn and Varsity in Moscow, Idaho --
The Elks Lodge, there too, had known their share

Of home-cooked meals -- one worked for Pelton's
In Pullman, Washington -- no longer there,

The occasion for them posing in the living room that day
Was to welcome this traveler home,

I had a Polaroid camera and took this photo
Of the three who never saw St. Peter's Rome.

by D. Edgar Murray 03/22/2000.