Just as a camel is the ship of the desert
An Arabian horse is to run,

Middle East tribesmen have bred these beasts
To fly like a bullet from a gun,

One of the swiftest on four legs it is --
Few, like the cheetah, are faster,

A stallion, spirited as it can be,
Reluctantly allows man to be its master,

In time the rider and steed become one --
Neither is more than half of the whole,

None can long survive on its own --
Each is but a part of a soul,

In the forties, Western movies produce many a star,
Some have sidekicks: tobacky-chewing codgers,

We see the white-hatted, singing hero, Leonard Sly
Ride Trigger as the good guy: Roy Rogers.

by D. Edgar Murray 01/07/2001.