The head-end crew was on the road,
Ninety freight cars was their load,

Two A.M. and mainline bound
Every mile a crossing found...

Angel of mercy, path parallel
Heard the sound they knew so well --

Warning of death so close beside her,
Diesel's blast was not to guide her

Way to midnight's mercy call,
Help delay the end of all,

Ease the invalid's constant pain,
Same direction as the train...

"Beware of death!" the whistle moans,
Awareness hers of suffering groans,

She must arrive to ease the end,
They, with crossings do contend,

With blaring horn and blinding light,
"Clear my path of sleepless night!"

Alas, arrives the nurse's turn,
Nearly there to quench the yearn,

Now the warning, as before,
But this time real, and "This time your

Last!" The dread they sometimes feel,
Riding this mountain of moving steel,

Breaks the hearts of working men,
To see brute force reap death again.

by D. Edgar Murray