Once, as I sat alone and mellow
I pondered a candle flame steady and yellow,

Musing to myself, I surveyed the past,
All the Christmases, dim shadows cast,

They say that tomorrow will be rather surprising --
A Christmas solar eclipse as the sun is rising,

It brings thoughts of Bethlehem's once-seen star,
So much violence this year tourists from near and from far

Are shunning the once-sought Bethlehem manger,
This year there'll be almost no sign of a stranger,

I know in my heart it was not for naught
That the Child that the wise men so diligently sought

Descended from Heaven to minister to man,
It was all a part of the Master's plan,

We will all revere Christmas, spirit and day,
Joy lives in our hearts that none can take away.

by D. Edgar Murray 12/24/2000.