Who is Harry Kellerman? was a movie that seemed almost live,
Where a frustrated pilot ends his own life in a terminal power dive,

His alter ego drives him berserk, destroying his private life,
I seem to have all that the character lacked, money, prestige and a wife,

To pilot supersonic fighters, some guys would give their eyeteeth,
Still somehow it doesn't satisfy me, there's a subconscious craving beneath,

I'm feeling unworthy, misdeeds I've done, unwittingly, I've got to atone,
I'm expected to finish my mission out here, I'm over these mountains alone,

Wandering around over snow-capped peaks, I'll soon be low on fuel,
There are two 500-pound bombs that I'm carrying, a way to exit this world so cruel,

That Matterhorn-looking peak over there, beckons as a suitable target,
I turn and address it at more than Mach 2, there's the maw of hell there, I'll enlarge it,

In only a moment these babies and I'll do some carving on that vertical space,
If this were Mt. Rushmore, when I do myself in, I'd blow off George Washington's face.

                                                          by D. Edgar Murray