I was strolling nonchalantly down a sidewalk one day
When I noticed something very strange there,

The people walking near me moved more and more slowly,
Then they stopped with one foot in the air,

I kept right on walking -- no one seemed to see me --
Saw a salesman in a fancy jewelry store,

He held a watch for a patron -- I could see that it was stopped
And I wondered what the deuce this all was for,

Passing by a bank, I resisted temptation --
I'll be darned if I would ever take advantage,

Further down the block near a digital, stopped clock,
Someone reading while out walking turned a page,

What an awful sight! I saw a shooting in progress,
A pistol slug was hanging in the air,

I reached out to deflect it, and just as I expected --
Woke up home in bed -- never really there.

by D. Edgar Murray