Beefy was young, but big and strong,
He'd been hunting deer for ever so long,

Out one day, he saw a buck,
About five points, what a stroke of luck,

"B" drew a bead and brought him down,
The problem was the slope of the ground,

Down a ravine went his trophy denizen,
Beefer scrambled down the hill to find his venison,

He found it right where he thought it had lain,
Put it 'round his neck like the late John Wayne,

Huffing and puffing, by the brush and trees harried,
Midst the shrubbery and foliage, his beauty he carried,

A wild-eyed hunter espied the rack
Of antlers moving and thought he'd take a crack,

Unable to tell live and dead deer apart,
He tried for a neck shot, and hit young Beefy's heart,

"Don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes,"
Is a famous quotation, from someone combat-wise,

Such a rule might have saved our husky young friend,
One too quick on the draw brought his hunting to an end.

by D. Edgar Murray