I want a two thousand one Bigelow Bunglesome --
It looks like a forty-four Army half-track,

They're bringing back the mother of all-terrain --
You won't see one in Hoboken or on the Hackensack,

Intentionally clumsy looking they are --
They'll do zero to thirty in an hour,

No one would suspect that they run on peat --
As deceptive as a dandelion flower,

These ungainly beauties have modern bloated styling --
The front has a sucker-like mouth,

They'd only need whiskers like a catfish's barbels
To look like something from Lou-siana, 'way down south,

It passes everything on the road except a restroom --
Surefooted on ice, unlike the hogs,

I'll ship my new vehicle to Erin's isle
And cut pollution-free fuel from the bogs.

by D. Edgar Murray 05/24/2000.