My mother always used to call Spokane: "Bingville"
Because Crosby and brother Bob had lived here,

They went to high school -- I have it on authority --
In my hometown and the church they did revere,

Bing was more famous, but Bob had the "Bobcats" --
"Big Noise from Winnetka" -- now heard rarely,

Crosby had property at Newman Lake, Idaho
And endowed Gonzaga University with a library,

A man named Bill Phillips claimed to have caddied
For Bing many long years ago --

We certainly know that he loved to play golf --
So much so that meals he'd forego,

We loved them so much -- these musical brothers --
May they both rest in peace for eternity,

Like Jimmy Dorsey's "So Rare" -- his own final tribute,
I thank God for the music they've given me.

by D. Edgar Murray 04/08/2000.