"Wake up, my sons, it's a hot summer Saturday,
Cook your own breakfast," and then,

My Mother would say, "When I finish the laundry,
We'll take a day trip on the train,"

The Northern Pacific, its steam engine barreling
Over the shiny twin rails,

We mustn't forget our tickets for travelling,
Sack lunch and all that entails...

Moscow is only a few minutes ride to the
Big top and Aunt Eva's too,

She's only across the street from the action:
The sideshow, menagerie zoo...

Hey-ya, hey-ya, right this way-a
The barker entices us in,

It's only a dollar, and all can afford it
But seemed like a lot way back then,

My cousin would always find work at the circus
By watering elephants or such...

Living so close had advantages for him,
It earned him some cash, but not much,

The train ride was always the best part of travelling --
Just fifteen miles, it's quite near...

Visiting Eva was always a memory
Now irreplaceably dear.

by D. Edgar Murray