Oh Lincoln Continental,
Forever may you thrive

You've come full circle once again,
You beautiful Mark V

You once were but a twinkle
In Edsel's laughing eyes

Till you became a lady
Of most exquisite size

Combined with form and beauty
And elegance supreme

Fulfilling most completely
A Ford lover's dream

Poor me, I was a toddler then,
When you made your debut

But old enough to vote for Ike
When you were only II

I loved you but more dearly
Who never noticed me,

And watched you from the wings again
When you became Mark III

Epitome of loveliness,
I thought of you at IV

You somehow did it all again
Yet better than before,

I'll have you for my own one day --
Now we've both matured

And treasure you forever,
Classic fever can't be cured.

by D. Edgar Murray