Vance, a kid from PHS, went out for a joy ride,
Even though his permit for driving was denied,

Rod let the V. drive his graduation wheels,
So his friend could find out how a '57 feels,

'Twas a BelAir convertible, black and shiny too,
On a back road, unbeknownst to them, the patrolmen's milieu,

Van observed a red light flashing slightly to his rear,
Rod said to his buddy, "You can ditch him way out here,"

You just can't lose a State Patrol in his own back yard,
Sliding around 90-degree bends is mighty hard,

Making about sixty, old Van topped a rise,
There, in his path, sat a car immobilized,

Van swerved off the road to miss the car up on a jack,
Flipped it end-over-end, just no way to bring it back,

Our two ill-advised absconders foolishly hit the ground running,
The Patrolman's pistol barking let them know he wasn't funning,

The big V. got some time to cool his heels in County Jail,
Young Rodney got off easy, both lucked out to tell the tale.

                                                       by D. Edgar Murray