I woke up this morning with a code id by doze --
This winter is rather a bummer,

Someone should have told me, "Better stay indoors,
It's not as warm as it was last summer,"

Even the geese that don't come in from the rain
Know enough to migrate south,

They honk and they congregate in part of the sky --
No one can put words in my mouth,

But the skiing lesson that I won in competition
Must, in truth, have been a booby prize,

The giddiness of winter wonderland gliding
Has melted like an icicle before my eyes,

Baskin-Robbins has good sense enough
To offer monthly delights to tease my mouth,

I can't smell a thing, but this taste on my palate
Is like the north end of a wild goose flying south.

by D. Edgar Murray 04/07/2000.