This is the Chief calling to
Send you east, a few days work, who

Knows why someone hasn't shown up?
We know your father is dying, grown up

Men must work when comes the call
No work -- no pay, true after all,

I touch his knee and say "So long," then
Know I'll never see my Dad again,

Most loving father a boy ever had --
That was Edgar and my Dad,

Hands so big for a man his size,
Just a tyke, his knowing eyes

Led through childhood, dare not linger,
I held that massive index finger

Many a time, it seemed to be
Stronger than a tamarack tree,

When first I heard the midnight train
He sat up with me to ease the pain,

Seems I'd never seen him ail,
Surely he could never fail,

So, he's mortal, still my Dad
Gave all the love he'd never had.

by D. Edgar Murray