"Easter Island," they called the place --
Discovered on Easter Sunday.

Who (and why?) made the monolith heads
All pointed the very same way?

There's one partly quarried -- how did they move them?
Set in place by mere human hand?

Or maybe by using mind over matter --
Exerting munificent power so grand.

There is much more to life on this ancient planet --
More than we humans will ever know.

A heavenly spark bridges the gap --
Sistine chapels by Michelangelo.

The spirit of Easter is simply rebirth --
Sap rising in greenery that seemed to be dead.

May it ever be thus -- life is not vanquished.
Each day sees a new sun over our head.

To believe or not is a personal question.
A rose by another name smells as sweet.

We must live each day as it comes anew --
Thank God for solidity under our feet.

by D. Edgar Murray 04/16/2001.