Once around the Ecliptic circle,
Ten to the zero and then,

To a one-year-old, an impressive birthday,
Twelve months to a middle-aged man,

Ten times around the Ecliptic circus,
Ten to the first and we find,

Some teens into twenties, could be maturing
Through a decade's improvement of mind,

A hundred times around the Ecliptic circuit,
Ten to the second and we've

Grown old and feeble, clinging to memories,
Longer than folks would believe,

A thousand times 'round the Ecliptic rat race,
Ten to the third and millennium,

We'll see joyful completion of the two thousandth orbit,
Whether Gore-ish, Bush-y or McCain-ian,

We won't feel too Brad-ley when it's finally over,
It's only one year out of four,

Maybe next time we'll see the end of soft money,
And mudslinging with us no more.

by D. Edgar Murray