Millions of Americans, I'm sure, have never seen Yo-
Semite Park or fought the storms attributed to El Niño...

Though they both, in their own ways, are really quite impressive,
They're simply Mother Nature, whether you're stoic or expressive,

I have the feeling the winter of '97-98 may well be,
The one that was the warmest and wettest we've had here in history,

At least, that is the way I'll tell it to any person who cares,
I should have left my snow tires resting in the garage's upstairs...

Gas prices, I heard someone say, are falling as never before,
The lowest we've seen in many a year, it impresses me even more,

That allowing for inflation, as we must when we figure the price,
Feeling free to indulge in summer trips seems mighty nice,

It's sad to think that the same thing that's causing misfortune to some in our nation,
Can redound to one's own benefit, but it's what's come of the whole situation,

"Win some, lose some," the gambler's motto, when luck seems so sadly diminished,
Let's take the good and the bad as it comes and never give up till it's finished,

When our ship comes in, be it empty or full, we'll always have courage to say,
"Tomorrow will surely bring vindication of our optimism today."

                                                             by D. Edgar Murray