And it came to pass, when His work was done,
That there were beings on earth -- true Sons of God,

Fashioned in the image of the great "I am" --
They'd use the power of Ben Franklin's lightning rod --

So perfect and splendid was their physical form --
Cast in the mold of God Himself,

He took delight in having started spinning this blue, white and green ball --
Employed the long-awaited prototype from His figurative shelf,

Possessed of self-awareness, these creatures by His hand were formed --
With consciousness and conscience they were imbued,

He created them in several unique categories
Known as races -- around this small planet they were strewed,

Aboriginal or Arab -- East, West or Amerindian --
Were created in the Master Builder's way,

They would understand the intricacies of their own Creation --
Come to call the scroll of life DNA,

He knew that because of egotism, along with knowledge of good and evil,
They would deny Him -- find the ravings of Darwinism

To be a satisfactory answer for those determined to write Him out
Of the story -- resurrection would not convince them,

How many million years it took, only He alone knows --
"Amazing Grace" would eventually become the creed

Of his sons -- no longer a voice crying in the wilderness --
A female named Lucy would fill the anthropologists' need.

                                                             by D. Edgar Murray 04/19/2000.