A communicator, par excellence, a true daughter of Freedom,
Knew all the Communications ropes, and certainly how to use them,

Could mentally juxtapose letters and words, faster than most folks can type,
Knew all the combinations and rules - her ability was clear out of sight,

Figures and letters, through her fingers they sped and went carrier pigeon-like flying,
We'd known her so well, with her lighthearted ways, no one ever could think of her dying,

I'll never reveal what she called me at times, when I happened to pass thru her work place,
I can only accept, with great reluctance, not seeing her kindhearted face,

Dear Father, please bless and keep her until we meet in that Sweet Bye and Bye,
May she rest in the peace of a garden somewhere, she's earned it, Lord, You know, and I.

                                                         by D. Edgar Murray