I saw a bird pecking berries on the mountain ash,
Ignoring those on the ground,

Birds won't normally eat those berries
If there's anything else around,

It's hard to imagine what breed it was --
It had a sharp bill on its mouth,

He seemed to be rather plump and well fed --
Maybe newly arrived from the south,

We sometimes know when spring is near --
The robins flock far and near,

No one is sure if they migrate or not --
Some think that they winter right here,

The truest sign of spring will be
When I spot the first flower emerging,

We all suspect that it won't be till March --
Today is Valentine's Day (sentiment surging),

We've had snow on the ground since mid-November --
My neighbor's piled it four feet high,

There seems to be a dearth of seasonal desserts --
Pumpkin is "pie in the sky,"

The groundhog saw his shadow, I heard from Punxsutawney --
I guess Phil has predicted six more weeks

Of unfortuitous, Eastern Washington, solstitial weather --
The early birds may freeze off their beaks.

by D. Edgar Murray 02/14/2001.