He appeared one morning -- walked right in --
Adopted us as parents at first sight,

His silky fur beguiling, like the Cheshire Cat smiling,
With female cats residing, will they fight?

Squirrels taunting at the window -- outside his carte blanche menu,
Along with robins, wintering, will often tease,

Perhaps his resume would show, his former home he did forego,
Adulation might bring his mentors to their knees,

Wild, indigenous life -- he may have even seen a mouse --
Will consume his idle time between meals,

In light of cats we've known before -- Ghost Kitty at the door,
We let him in -- know how a hapless feline feels,

Four will share the basic diet -- no reluctance to try it --
He'll find water and the box without direction,

There are soft, recumbent beds -- we humans tolerate
The sharp claws and some shedding, retrospection

Of all that's gone before -- this is all of it and more,
He'll settle in despite the quota he's exceeded,

There might come a dreadful day when Mo-Cat will go away,
To keep the status quo his presence will be needed,

The gorgeous kitty named Kahili -- from Hawaii? -- yes, really,
Will keep his curious nature quite enthralled,

Shades of Sheba and Moses, although they're pushing up roses,
Days of tussling and Twink will be recalled.

by D. Edgar Murray 03/26/2000.