A jinni from a bottle said, "What's your wish, Sahib?" --
I chose a visit to nineteen fifty-five,

He had a strange carpet with a white woolen fringe --
I'm the luckiest man alive,

I want to drive the first Thunderbird
That Ford put on a car gourmet's plate,

This magical voyage -- backward thru time
Will make me king of the road -- I feel great,

We soared off toward Dearborn -- saw Ford's Fairlane farm --
There were vehicles emerging from an assembly line,

The first sporty, V-8, two-seater we'd see
Would be temporarily mine,

Wouldn't you know that that shiny, fresh paint job
Would be the most splashy shade of red?

"May I touch it or drive it?" I asked of my savant,
These words my supernatural friend said,

"This decade, great Master, will be a turning point --
Bright colors will be featured this year,"

"It will be called the 'fabulous fifties' by many --
Ford's answer to the Corvette will appear,"

He raised his arm and with a sweeping gesture
Pointed toward Indianapolis, Indiana,

"You may have two laps at the 'Brickyard,' my friend --
You're a long way from Billings, Montana,"

At the door where my steed first saw the light of day
Someone patted my back -- gave me the keys,

The red T-bird floated thru the mists of another time
To that oval track, nicely as you please,

I thought I saw a person with a checkered flag
Meaningfully waving when I finished,

Even though it now seems that it was all in my mind,
My love for Thunderbirds will never be diminished.

                                            by D. Edgar Murray 05/16/2000.