I see three Great White sharks circling near me --
Fell overboard, unnoticed, at first light,

Why couldn't they be dolphins or sea elephants? --
My friends are now miles out of sight,

My ancestors came over chained by New World slave traders --
In the bilge, with just a meager crust of bread,

Now I face a possible bitter end --
A fate that even a martyr would dread,

Five Great Whites circling -- adding to the fray --
I'm thankful that I am not bleeding,

With a keen sense of smell -- even fathoms deep --
Like a dog with true bloodhound breeding,

How many days have I broiled under blistering sun
On my air-filled silk pantaloons?

The Captain knows only the Jolly Roger --
That and pilfering Spanish Dragoons,

Thru nearly sightless, brown African eyes
I see a white arm reaching down to my plight,

He has no tattoos -- only hair of dark brown --
Muscular as a man prone to fight,

We two will share his dinghy -- he too was cast adrift --
It beats burial at sea -- that's for sure,

If we find a desert isle, maybe both of us will smile,
But abstinence will keep our integrated races pure.

                                         by D. Edgar Murray 04/07/2000.