The "Loveless Mansion on the Hill"
Rings in the ears of his grandson,

Hank Williams the first sure would have been proud,
He would recall how he came to write that one,

It's hard to believe, but Hank was unknown
When he tried to get into Country,

The studio manager couldn't believe
That Hank had written and sung for free

Such heartsick laments -- "Oh, Lonesome Me,"
Said, "Show me -- take this paper and compose one,"

"If you are for real, it will be no big deal,
The story may be of a Tennesseean,

The theme should be simple, so that all identify
With your words -- write a song if you will,

About a lovesick country boy down in a valley,
In love with a rich girl on a hill,"

Hank said, "Right," to a little room he went
With a pencil and paper in his hand,

Thirty minutes later his work was done --
He had the song that all consider grand,

That auditioner was quite convinced --
Then had no reason to doubt him,

Hank was introduced to the music industry
And found it challenging -- sink or swim.

by D. Edgar Murray