Edsel was one of the VIP's in his father's Ford Motor Company,
He asked his elder if the staff could design, "A personal, one-off car for me?"

Henry couldn't deny his son, a vehicle with European flair,
Before it was built, orders came in, blank checks from people wanting to share,

The engineering staff produced the design, then a couple of prototypes in metal,
It became a limited production car, polished, tuned and dubbed "Continental,"

Edsel then had his personal beauty, a number were built, but relatively few,
Some were convertibles, some were coupes, and the line continued until World War II

Continentals were built after the War, and Lincolns, some with Mark names appended,
There wasn't a Lincoln Continental Mark II until '55, but Lincoln Marks ended,

The spare-tire rear of Continentals, Marks I thru VII, a tradition, but one thing
Puzzles me - we now have Lincoln Mark VIII and Continental Mark nothing,

Edsel is most remembered for, insisting that Ford should build the Mercury,
Henry resisted with all of his might, but finally relented and let the world see

The beautiful creation that Edsel suggested, since '39 it's continually succeeded,
Henry and Edsel have both passed on, but all agree Edsel knew what was needed,

A most unfortunate turn of events, in the late fifties, when a new line was planned,
They gave it the prestigious Edsel name, bad luck defamed this innovative man,

The right car at the wrong time we might say, Edsel's sales were just taking away
Business from Ford and Mercury dealers, the horse collar grill had a very short heyday,

Now the name Edsel is synonymous with failure - What a great pity! - What a good car!
I'd like a '59 Corsair Convertible, if one exists, I would travel afar,

As Cinderella reverts to her hearth, the wicked stepsisters return from the night,
'Twould be sensuousness made tactile and tangible, Tropical Rose and Titanium White.

                                                          by D. Edgar Murray