A selection of 402 poems written during the past twenty-five years:
1954 Ford Skyliner
1954 Mercury Sun Valley
1954 Nash Rambler
1955 Mercury Montclair

1983 Cadillac Seville
A Cornfield Meet
A Double Portion
A Friend For Life
A Horse is to Run

A House of Cards
A Kick Before Crying
A Matter of Taste

A Moose on the Loose
A Poem for June
A Spring in my Shoe

A Tree Grows in Brookline
A View From Alcatraz
A Warm Chinook Wind
Aardvark to Zebra
All-American Cuisine
All in a Night's Work
All Things Possible
Amateur Radio
America Revisited

An Adage a Day
Angel Unaware
Another Dreary day
Arch Debunker
Around the Bend
Asleep at the Switch
At Christmas

At This Juncture
Aunt Erie
Awash In a Sea of Words
Baby Boomers
Bataan Death March
Be Nice On Ice
Beefy, the Deer Hunter
Between the Warp & Woof
Big Flat
Big Shoes
Bigelow Bunglesome

Bigoted Young Univ.

Black Star
Block Party
Blue Eyes
Boomer Brown
Bridge Over Spokane Falls
Brothers II
Butch the Cougar

Capt. Finney's Mini-fleet
Capt. Foz's Radio
Car-pooling with John
Cat Up a Tree
Challenger of Fate
Cheap at any Price
Church Street, USA
Circus Day
Circus Time
City by the Lake
Classic Car Auction
Computerized Music
Cool Kirk
Cotton Jenny

Cougar Jack
Coxes' Dogs
Crossing the Bar
Cry of the Wild Goose

Darling Elsie
Dead Man's Throttle
Dear John Letter
Dearly Beloved
Deja Vu

Ditching the WSP
DNA for Today
Do You Yahoo?
Don't Cry for Me
Don't Outgrow Christmas
Double-Yolked Eggs
Duncan Doughnuts
Duty Calls
Earlier 'n' Earlier
Easter Island
Ecliptic Circuits
Ed and Vera

El Nino
Elegy for the Whale
Elly J.
En Route to Okla.
Evolution? Bah! Humbug

Exit Laughing
Faded Love
Faux Pas in Blue
First Sign of Spring

Fisher's Hornpipe
Flat Cat

Foot and Mouth
Footprints on the Moon

For Want of a Radio
Ford 302 V-8
Fresh Out of Fifty-five

From Denver to Eternity
Funny Money
Garbage Day
Ghost Train of the SP&S
Give Us this Day

Goldie Girl
Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone with the Wind
Goodbye, Friend
Grandpa's Bird
Great Communicators
Great White Hopelessness

Groucho Barks
Grow Away Little Boy
Gyppo Bunko
Hank the Great
Happy Birthday, Elvis
Head Eastward into Today

Headroom Aplenty
Henry Mancini

Henry's Beloved Son
High and Dry
Home Free
Home on the Plain
Home on the Range

Home Sweet Earth
Hope for Today
Hot Dogging
Huckleberry Heaven

I Can't Help It
I Can't See Nothing
Immense Universe
In the Alphabet Soup
In the Heat of the Night
Independence Day

Inexhaustible Energy
Irby's First Flight
Is, Is
It Gives Me Pause

It's All Relative
Jack Webb
Jack's LaSalles
Jethro's Poem

John Henry
Just Around the Corner

Just Over the Horizon
Just Walk On By
Kangaroo Meat
Keep On Chuggin'
King of Tramps
Kitty Cat's Creed
Knowing You
Ladybird, Fly Away
Last Ride of Charismatic
Laying Down Track
Leave It, the Cleaver
Let Eleanor Come Over
Let Us Pray
Lever-set Pocket Watches

Life and Time
Like Father, Like Son

Little Boy Blue
Little Miss Tremblechin
Log-Rolling Contest

Look Before You Leap
Lord Have Mercy

Lovers Leap
Make Someone Happy
Man With a Scythe
Manifest Destiny
Many Quarks
March Twenty-First

Mary Met a Lion
Mean Old Puddy-Tat
Mechanic's Special

Mechanical Voices
Memories of the Dog
Mercedes Security Blanket
Mini Sorta
Mister Sax
Montana Slim
Morning Song
Mother's Green Tureen
Mother's Hands

Mourning Coffee
Mr. Chapman
Murray's Law
Musica Perpetuo
My Brother Will
My Father's Love
My Favorite Sleigh Ride Partner
My Foot
My Love's Love
My Uncle's Electric Ashtray
Neptune's Bronze Trident
No Blarney

No Meat
No Regrets
No School Till September

Non-traditional Career
North Coast Limited

Northern Pacific
Now Boarding at Gate 14-A
Now Will Come Again

Oh, Deer!
Old 2-T Mattson
Old Enough
Old Lester Tharp

Oldy But Goody
One's Final Reward
Our Idol
Outdoor Plumbing
Palouse Grade School

Palouse To US-95
Palouse, Washington

Paradise Lost
Patsy Cline
Phantom of the Software
Pickin' and Grinnin'
Pink Elephants
Poem of the Day
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Postal Pens
Prewritten Poetry
Princess Diana
Private Thoughts

Prop Stopper
Proper Grounding
Purrty Nice
Racing to Judgement
Red Thunderbird

Red Wing
Regis Pfullbin
Relay Calling
Rhoda Grant
Ridden out of Town

Rock Creek Wedding
Rocky the Mountain Goat

Rosie the Telegrapher
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Russian Roulette
Saving the Night
Secret Agent Man
She Turned & He Was Gone
Silencers to Luxury Cars
Skiers All
Softly and Tenderly
Softly as a Sunrise
Somebody Did Her Wrong
Sound of the Breakers
Southeast Asian Girl
Summary Justice
Sunday Morning
Synthetic Software Saxophone
Tang Tongueled
Terrible Lizard
Terror Becomes Electra
That Girl
The Alpenhorn
The American Scene

The Asian Holy Man
The Brass Spittoon

The Butts of the Joke
The Cabin on the Hill
The Carousel

The Carpenters
The Chevrolet Corvette

The Cinnamon Bear
The Dandelion

The Dead Letter Office
The Decades
The Emperor Penguin
The Eyes Have It
The Finger
The First Boards

The Flightless Condor
The Fountain of Youth
The Grand Old Party Line

The Gray Wolf
The Great Dane's Wedding
The Great Jewel Robbery

The Great Pyramid
The Greatest Showoff

The Grillless Cadillac
The Happiest Day
The Hi U Motel
The Imaginary Mouse
The Invasion
The Killing Machine
The Kite
The Last Laugh
The Little Old Lady From N. J.

The Merriest Christmas
The Millennium
The Million-dollar Question

The Muscle Car
The Odd Couple

The Old-timer's Fiddle
The One-armed Paper Hanger
The Palindrome
The Passover

The Pearl of the Opry
The Pentagon
The Pleasant Valley Branch

The Polish Polar Bear
The Potbelly Stove
The Praying Mantis
The President's Autograph
The Problem

The Prognosticators
The Purloined Kite String
The Quipu
The Real McCoy

The Real Meaning of Christmas
The Recitation
The Record That Had to Be

The River of Life
The Rose of Shannon

The Russian Goose
The Sacred Cow
The Shoeshine Man

The Shotrod
The Sleeping Hymus
The Spider's Magic Carpet
The Spring
The Squirrel
The Stately Cedar

The Strange Little Girl
The Tall Tree
The Telegraph
The Thorn in the Rose

The Titanic, Revisited
The Ukrainian Computer Whiz
The Unfolding
The Wakefield-Sumner Line
The Wicked Witch of the West

There Already?
These Precious Days
They've Got Him
Third Finger, Left Hand

This Day
Thomas Alva
Three Ebenezer Stooges
Three Graces
Three on the Floor

Till We Meet
Time Flies
Time Was
Titanic Swan Song

Tomorrow Never Comes
Too Late
Touching You -- Touching Me
Unleaden Bread

Wallace Railroad Museum
Warmth for the Night
Watching You Watching Me

What a Wonderful World
What Is a Mouse?
What's in a Name?
When Joy Bells Peal
When SP&S 700 Ruled
Where Did the Escargot?
Where Has Sonny Gone?
Where Is The Habitat?
Where Old Railroad Lines Go
Whispering Pines
White Bird Hill
Willy's Bobcat

Windfall Snowfall
Words And Rhyme
Words Of Love
Worse Than The Worst
You Had Everything
You Never Forget

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