The farthest galaxies we see are 12 to the ninth light-years away,
A light-year is 5.88 times 10 to the twelfth miles, they say,

It makes our world -- even our galaxy -- the tiniest bit of the whole,
We can neither fathom the immensity nor define what we call a black hole,

How can the Universe be expanding when no one can define the center?
Maybe space itself is expanding, should we accept it or be a dissenter?

Hubble's law blows our minds, galaxies move faster the farther they go,
There are many more galaxies in every outermost sphere we come to know,

Where did the Big Bang begin? And was there space before that?
How was the Universe created? Is it shaped like a saddle or a hat?

Does anyone really speak space-time-ese or MC squared-type babble?
Who is the most impressed with it all, Einstein, Planck or we rabble?

                                                         by D. Edgar Murray