I watch him in "In the Heat of the Night" --
Carroll O'Connor as Bill Gillespie,

It's seen every weekday during prime time
On Chicago's WGN-TV,

The program's been around for quite some time,
But I've never seen the reruns before,

I can't keep from cheering for Sweet and Bubba --
I'm chomping at the bit for more,

I'll never forget the time when they asked the Chief's daughter,
"What's the relationship between Bill and Harriet?"

She answered, "Officially, nothing," but obviously
The real question hadn't been asked yet,

The query became more direct and to the point --
"Unofficially?" -- a pregnant moment was heard,

Then came the reply that we knew was appropriate,
"Unofficially, 'big time' is the word."

                                        by D. Edgar Murray 02/27/2000.