I was fortunate to be invited to
My bookstore's poetry reading,

Uplifting lines of rhyming verse
Were what my spirits were needing,

Old Jethro, a usually quiet man
Had a foolscap in his hand,

He must have thought himself in England --
An orator eloquent and grand,

I hardly heard his predecessors
As I sat on needles and pins,

Knowing the oldster's sense of humor --
Anticipated listeners' broad grins,

Came at last the wry propounder's
Chance to bend our ears,

He shuffled sprightly to the microphone --
No hint of his eighty-some years,

"Good evening and thank you for coming out,"
He uttered in a raspy voice,

"With the snow and howling winds that we've had,
Staying home might have been your first choice,"

"My contribution to the evening's program
Is a picture of Gore as 'The Energizer,'"

"The rabbit-eared bunny talks on and on --
Leaves us sadder but no wiser,"

"His life was dismal and humdrum
So he borrowed a Hefner bunny tail," --

"Took credit for inventing the Internet
While drumming down the campaign bunny trail."

by D. Edgar Murray 09/02/2000.