It's that time of year when spring is near --
Just around the corner,

The plum tree will soon revive again --
"Get your thumb ready, little Jack Horner,"

I just saw a robin outside my window --
Has he come back? Was he ever gone?

Children wanting to shovel my snow
Will be asking to mow the lawn,

The squirrel just wrote a children's book:
Much Ado about Nutting,

Were Tiger Woods in the Inland Northwest
He would ready himself to start putting,

The hum of hummingbirds will soon be heard --
They winter in Mexico, I'm told,

I'll rake up what once were signs of the time:
Autumn leaves of gold,

We thank God He gives us distinct seasons:
Four with no monsoons,

I don't think there'll be a hurricane
In a year's worth of blue moons,

We'll soon have tulips and buttercups
And a sunny spring in Spokane,

It's a Native American name, my friend,
It rhymes with the pretty toucan.

by D. Edgar Murray 02/11/2001.