'Twas the night before Thanksgiving -- a half-forgotten year,
All the stewardesses going home were so excited,

Dear Linda -- she was only a mere twenty-two --
Mosleys' daughter -- hair of blonde -- she flew United --

Pointed her Volkswagen -- a beetle of sorts --
Toward Snoqualmie and on to Spokane,

A sense of satisfaction with her budding career
Crossed her mind -- imagine if you can,

Her teenage years had seen "Up with people"
And "Sing out, America," -- would you believe?

No one could have known that she'd never make it,
Or that her family would have cause to grieve,

She had so loved my beautiful, red Thunderbird --
Wished that she would one day come to own

That beauty -- eventually her parents did buy it,
She lived in Seattle -- her new home,

The Thursday Thanksgiving was incredibly somber --
Linda left us -- waved goodbye at the crest

Of that snowy, serene-looking mountain pass --
Found true thanksgiving and endless rest.

                                        by D. Edgar Murray 02/27/2000.