At eleven thousand five, I'm leader -- a climb on Mount Rainier,
I say, "We're turning back, my friends, it's avalanche I fear,"

Though it's one of Washington's most scenic peaks, I lack
Temerity, not courage, I won't risk a life or pack,

The Cleaver looks serene and subtly beckons the unaware,
My experience helps me recognize the signs of danger there,

Disappointment Cleaver, a route where prematurely elated
Climbers from the summit, descending, may find their path ill-fated,

It won't collect a life this time, still there'll be plenty more,
The current group won't speak to me, but the time will come for sure,

When jubilant from the peak, retracing steps now warmed, you betcha,
They'll spend the day roped up and swinging, "Cleaver gonna getcha!"

                                                           by D. Edgar Murray