Skydivers two, a man and his wife,
Aerial antics endanger your life,

But jump it we will, the great Mekong,
The giant sandbar, a mile plus long,

Our target for today, again
A common sight in old Vientiane,

The winds are calm we're nearly there --
Smoke trail pointing into air,

Didn't we bring floatation gear?
Feel we not a trace of fear,

One last jump, no perspiration,
Hardly showing, her gestation,

I glance to check the smoke trail's rise,
Something moving in the skies

Bodes of brooding thunder near --
Smoky finger beckons here,

Wait! I turn to warn my mate,
Gaping only jaws of fate,

Wind and sky and open door,
Shrieking, mocking, nothing more,

Longest second of my life --
Innumerable views of man and wife

Flood my mind, I blink and jump,
Downward rushing, familiar thump,

Now to guide to yonder spot,
Nylon circle, fluttering not,

Past the island, my shimmering blond --
Over the simmering caldron beyond,

Together at last and forever we go
Thru the red looking glass roiling below,

"Fear not, I am with you," now roars in my ears,
One kiss and we drown in humanity's tears.

by D. Edgar Murray