Help me to face this world of ours
Tho my path may be paved with thorns or with flowers,
Be with me in sunshine or the darkest of hours -- have mercy,

When exultation I dare to feel --
Gifts seem bestowed by true love made real,
May You not judge too harshly any misplaced zeal -- have mercy,

When an entry in your "Book of Life" is made,
If I've accomplished anything, it was because of your aid,
Let me march in your coronation parade -- have mercy,

Help quell any feelings of disbelief,
Remind me of the cross' forgiven thief,
When I stand at the Judgement, if I've caused any grief -- have mercy,

I've enjoyed immensely this brief sojourn --
Thanked You daily that this child had his turn,
When my feeble candle doth no longer burn, have mercy.

by D. Edgar Murray 08/06/2000.