I met a lad who had no toys,
Couldn't play like other boys,

Instead of helping, I must have said,
"I'll make myself happy instead,"

I met a lady who had no beau,
No one to take her to and fro,

Instead of introducing a friend
I thought, "Her happiness does not on me depend,"

I met an old man, unsteadily walking
With a mongrel dog that was constantly balking

And because he never thought to complain
I didn't bother to give him my cane,

It occurred to me, while on my way
That Someone might ask on Judgement Day,

"Who have you helped and whose life was made better
By your presence here?" Would an F be my letter?

I realized success, in this teary vale
Is of different degrees, life is not Pass/Fail.

by D. Edgar Murray