Elmer L. Huff was a railroad man --
A first class Telegrapher-Clerk,

His son, E. L. Huff Jr. (known as Larry),
Followed his father's line of work,

The elder and youngster worked for Union Pacific --
It came to be the biggest road today,

Both men knew Jesus as their personal savior,
Larry gave the Church his tithe every payday,

There came a hefty windfall to E. L. Huff Jr.
After Elmer Huff had gone to his reward,

It makes sense that Larry would give it to the Church --
To spend it would have been untoward,

E. Larry Huff Jr. became this writer's first mentor --
A fledgling operator one fifty-four April day,

The Spokane Telegraph School had taught the skill --
Samuel F. B. Morse had paved the way,

In seventy-four, faithful, God-fearing Larry
Neared the end of his thirty-four year career,

His devoted wife Lauretta sat at his final bedside
Well-knowing that crossing-over-time was near,

Mrs. Huff looked again into his bright, loving eyes --
Larry's words were, "I love you" and then

Just a slight sigh was heard as her husband slipped away --
His life was truly spent breaking in for Heaven.

by D. Edgar Murray 02/07/2001.