Have you heard what I call, "the motorcycle story,"
About the guy who owned one overseas?

If you haven't, come sit for a while and listen --
Imagine, for a moment, if you please,

There was this young, naïve civil servant
Packing out at the end of his tour,

If he had to do it all over again
It would be different, that's for sure,

"It's against the rules to ship a motorcycle,"
The head of the packing crew said,

But this little Honda -- 250 cc,
I could list it as a bicycle instead,

That's what the fellow in charge suggested,
To avoid the illegalities of it,

He would manifest the beauty as a bicycle
With "sporting goods" written above it,

The civil servant -- ill at ease, as well as civil,
Went along with the contemplated ploy,

But found, upon arriving at his destination
In the U. S. of A., little joy,

Much to his chagrin, when unpacking his treasures,
He saw one that he didn't really like,

The same packing crate that had held his motorcycle
Contained a shiny, new, red Schwinn bike.

by D. Edgar Murray 01/28/2000.