It was the most dilapidated Mustang that I've seen --
Multicolored, full of rust and bondo,

The first year of production -- nineteen sixty-five --
But you wouldn't want it parked outside your condo,

A mechanic who could bring it back to original condition
Would be known as, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice,"

Working on this rust-bucket -- an endless project --
Would thrill you like a trip to the dentist,

If Lee Iacocca were dead and gone
He'd roll over in his grave,

The father of the Mustang -- the first pony car --
Would rant a while, then he would rave,

There's a place where old sporty cars go to die --
It's called, "Spalding Auto Wrecking,"

They have as many hulks as Carter's got pills --
Even one-armed driver's knobs made for necking.

by D. Edgar Murray 05/05/2000.