A Belgian named Sax charged no value-added tax
When he sold the first saxophone,

Did he create a B-flat tenor, an E-flat alto -- this fine inventor --
Or was it originally an E-flat baritone?

In the wildest hypothetical case, he might have considered a bass --
Bigger than an alpenhorn of wood, and yet,

The finest instrument maker in his class -- he fashioned it skillfully of brass --
Glenn Miller would add a clarinet to the quartet,

He might have gotten rich with one tuned to concert pitch --
A C-melody with no transpositional relationship of its own,

We would still call him Mister if he couldn't do this tongue-twister,
Was it straight or curved -- the first soprano saxophone?

From a musical family in the nineteenth century --
He brought Belgian craftsmanship and musical adventure, he
Named it after himself unlike Alexander Graham Bell,

Even though no one could play the newest woodwind of its day
He may have used German silver keys as well,

He decided on a gourd-like shape much like a calabash pipe --
Was impressed with his own creation's tone,

If he invented it today we would probably say
That its name should be, "sax-o-touchtone-phone."

                                                        by D. Edgar Murray 04/11/2000.