He called himself Montana Slim --
Redheaded TV singer and musician,

His right-hand performer was Curly Burger --
Rather camera-shy, but with justified ambition,

Quick-fingered Curly would always play the steel-
Stringed, electric, Hawaiian guitar,

Those of us with an ear for fine music
Knew that he was destined to go far,

I saw Cliff one day -- he left a Pontiac dealership
With a new, shiny, red convertible,

But I never thought that I'd ever see Curly --
I little knew that his prospects would be terrible,

Many years have passed since I recall seeing Cliff --
I suspect his locks are no longer red as before,

When I finally saw Curly, he was down on his luck --
I passed him leaving St. Vincent de Paul's store.

by D. Edgar Murray 04/08/2000.