My brother Will is the strongest man
That I think, in this world, I've ever seen,

I can hardly remember being taller than him,
But I was as a lad of thirteen,

Fifty-mile bike races and twenty mile hikes
Were his forte when he was fully grown,

As a Spokane Mountaineer, he climbed many peaks --
Some of his many skiing pupils I have known,

I'll never forget the time -- that Mount Rainier climb --
How it seemed we'd never make Camp Muir,

At ten thousand feet I found the air was clear -- no traffic sound --
The snow like diamonds lying potable and pure,

He taught Johnny Roskelley, when he was starting out,
How to climb a mountain,

John went on to climb Mount Everest, K2,
Kilimanjaro and marry the former Ms. Fountain,

I think a Shakespearean play was where one waxed eloquent
About a friend who had borne him on his back,

Only I shall tell the tale -- Will's modesty would prevail --
He used God-given strength that he didn't lack,

It might have been a trick of fate -- luck too little or too late,
The best laid plans of mice and men had gone awry,

My brother didn't shirk -- as if 'twas everyday work --
Carried a man with a broken leg down from on high.

by D. Edgar Murray 09/30/2000.