How many ways do I love my pet?
Let me count them all, and yet,

How do you number the grains of sand?
Gauge the worth of your own right hand?

Guess the wisdom of Egypt's past
Glories of civilization vast?

How could mortals move stones so large
Down the Nile on a floating barge?

Into place by mere human hand,
Couldn't be done, but silently stand,

Eon by eon in tribute remain --
Knowledge, long lost, that we hope to regain,

Only by yesterday's traces I feel
Certain that love is the greatest ideal,

If not for love, we might not be alive,
Never have been born, or never survived,

Links in a chain of love are we,
Stretching from here to eternity,

Timeless, each one, and a flawless bond
From mother to child and to ever beyond.

by D. Edgar Murray