The Northern Pacific's top train in the days of domeliners
Was known as, "The North Coast Limited,"

More posh than "Mainstreeter," it was the next best thing
To having your youth be uninhibited,

From Minneapolis, Minnesota -- just moving west
Was an experience fit for Microsoft's Bill Gates,

When you reached your destination -- Seattle or parts northwest --
Your trip was restful as William Randolph Hearst's estates,

Tobacco? -- in the "smoker" -- Phillip Morris was no joker --
Seen running thru the parlor car: Pall Mall,

Camels never knew a filter -- Old Gold? -- a Lucky Strike --
Fatima, Parliament and Kools were puffed as well,

In the restrooms on the train -- take care -- don't pull the chain --
You might cause an unexpected panic stop,

At the Conductor's, "Tickets, please," Copenhagen might make you sneeze
And Days O'Work could make you spit until you drop.

                                                                by D. Edgar Murray 04/05/2000.